What is SpyritWeb?
SpyritWeb is a browser based operating system.
What is the benefit of a web-based operating system?
By operating via a web browser, it allows for better support over different operating systems. You can use spyritweb on windows, mac, linux, unix, even a raspberry pi - if the operating sytem has a browser, you can use spyritweb*.

*some features may or may not work depending on configuration.
Do i have to install spyritWeb?
There is no install - simply point your browser to our site, login and you are ready to use SpyritWeb.
Is spyritweb only good for high end computers with high speed internet?
No, spyritweb has three different interfaces depending on your bandwidth and device capabilities:

a) Basic
b) Standard
c) Advanced

What kind of applications are avaliable?
We offer a range of applications:

-Web Browser
-current time
-Send Mail

Office Tools:

-Mp3/Ogg Player
-Video Browser

Graphic Tools:

World Tools:
-Currency Converter


Science Tools:

-Memory Game
-Angel to Heaven
-Top-Down Tetris: Blockout
-Laser Zombie

Development Tools:
-SQL Designer

-Gameboy Advanced
If i want to add more applications, can I?
Depending on the package you have, you may be able to have applications added to your account.
What applications does SpyritWeb support?
We support a broad range of applications and our database is expanding - it really depends on the application and its requirements to run.
SpyritWeb Softy(Software) provides access to fantastic applications which are provided either by our developers or by other developers who have released their software under a GNU, MIT or completly open source license. We thank all developers who work on these projects for the benefit of humankind.